We are back this week with more bite sized tips to leverage your socials. This time we focus on Instagram. Why Instagram? Well, because we are in the business of selling things people ‘eat’ this means that you have to show your consumers what they are missing out on- your awesome products!

Reshare content from your followers
Instagram is about community, and the best performing types of posts on the app is user-generated content i.e posts from users.
This is when brands share photos taken by a user on their business profile, and is a great opportunity to acknowledge customers while spreading brand awareness.
It has a higher user conversion rate, proving its value for businesses. It really is a win-win for consumers and brands.
Some of the rewards you stand to gain:
Community building
By acknowledging and encouraging customer’s posts about your business, you’re interacting with your audience and building a community!

Customer loyalty
Your customers love you more and this builds a sense of community

Free content
Your customers are basically doing your social media marketing for you!
Make resharing customer posts a major part of your social media marketing strategy and watch your IG account reach more eyes.