Finally started IG live/Stories? Here are some things to try:

Show how it’s done
Get personal and authentic. That’s the beauty of small businesses! Use the casual format to show your products, how it’s done and let your followers experience your amazing business.

Questions and Answer sessions
Use the questions sticker to run an anonymous Q&A with your audience, or to gain customer feedback.

Similarly, encourage follower interaction and feedback with the poll sticker.
Story takeover. You can have polls on anything.

Collaborate with an influencer, or another brand with the same audience as you, and try out a Story takeover.

Tag locations
Get your Story featured on a location Story by using the location sticker! This will increase your reach and could result in more followers.

Go live
Plan a livestream via Instagram Story – whether it’s an event, a Q&A, a sneak preview or something else – Live Stories are naturally featured higher up in Story feed.