In this recent, various levels of government had been encouraging   farming and mostly amongst women, youths, this has endeared most school leavers to venture into farming at different levels and class, this as a nation, we assume is to enhance food security in Nigeria  in order to make food available to Nigerians in all our communities, but how?

Nigeria can no longer show a nonchalant attitude to Agriculture, because an improved agricultural sector trickles down to every part of our economy; resulting to cheaper food, less farm produce wastage, better employment rate among others.

Beyond food production, the impact in terms of increased industrialization through food processing, increased revenue for the government to provide good roads, water and social amenities for rural communities and increased export trade which leads to better foreign exchange and economic viability cannot be overemphasised.

Our background studies revealed the following from small-holding

  • farmers and sellers

Demand analysis

Expect customers from within short distance

Need for fresh and cheap farm at within the neighborhood

  • Supply analysis

Growing number of farmers looking for direct marketing and value-added sales

More farmers co-op looking for where to sell their agricultural products

  • Lack of Government Concern

Most communities of buyers and sellers do not have any form of support system

  • Education

Lack or very low level of academic qualification

No knowledge or access to social media

  • Farmers and sellers Fund management

Limited access to fund

Limited Knowledge in fund management

Unhealthy style and Unprofitable  spending

Lack of Business plan


To this effect, Village Market proffers these solutions for Successful value chains which entail collaboration to ensure farmers and produce buyers work together.

  • Inject appropriate value chain to move products from farms to the final consumers, this is the game changer for smallholders
  • Farmers and buyers require collaboration to ensure correct quantities at the right time and place to meet consumer needs and minimal cost to sustain food security
  • There is for need to have sound market knowledge of right product in demand at good price and time


A typical example of this prevalent situation is cassava to mention just one farm produce.  

Currently we have farmers, processors and buyers within our agribusiness network. In Nigeria—the world’s largest cassava producer (more than 20 percent of global production, producing more than 50 million tons annually)—nearly 30 million smallholder farmers grow cassava. There’s limited access to existing varieties of cassava, almost no preservation from harvesting to processing, a most processing unit is far away from farm settlement, which leads to spoilage, unfortunately, and this root crop has a very short shelf life and, if unprocessed, will spoil within 72 hours after harvest.

With V&M concept International Limited AKA Village Market, More income generation is assured, we are focused on the appropriate value chain with our 7 keys of agribusiness.

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With as little as one plot/ shop  to test run  Agro business .

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