Many of us know the power of social media and how it can help spread word about a product. If you think it is hard work, remember we have 3.5 billion people on social media. That should be motivation enough.

For this blog post, we will look at the idea of Leveraging Social Media as a #FoodPreneur.
Leveraging Social media on social media platforms contribute to marketing objectives such as brand awareness, website traffic, and customer acquisition.
This activity is predominantly in the form of content —such as text, images and videos — but also includes community engagement and paid ads.
At the heart of great social media content is the audience’s desire to share it. When your audience shares your content, they become your channel of distribution.
Whether it’s tagging a friend in an Instagram post or retweeting something to their audience, content that is highly relevant and visually attractive is likely to receive high engagement and shares.

Social media is a great multiplier so hang in there dear #FoodPreneur and keep clicking away.